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IMG 7719

Tariqa Waters, 4th Sunday

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Drew Francis Cameron, Combat Paper ®

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CC Full

Fitzhugh Karol, Corrugation: Correlation

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Shanthi Chandrasekar, Entropy: Macrostates & Microstates

Presented by LAMINAproject, Booth A14

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Carlos de la Sancha 4

Presented by WORTHLESSSTUDIOS in partnership with the Lower Eastside Girls Club and featuring Destiny Mata

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kin connection

Leah Hewson, Kin Connection

Presented by Stoney Road Press, Booth D07

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Angiola Churchill The Labyrinth 2003 Paper Reproduced courtesy of the artist

Angiola Churchill, Labyrinth

Presented by Wook + Lattuada Gallery, Booth C16

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yuko nishikawa memory tourist

Yuko Nishikawa, Memory Tourist

Presented by Cynthia Corbett Gallery, Booth C03

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Rose Eken, NYC Ghosts and Flowers

Presented by Alchemy Gallery, Booth C13

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IMG 0661

Billy Dufala, Paper Bale

Presented by Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia

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Image for Website

Striped Canary, Proposal for a Future Forest

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Paradigm Gallery Presents Lucha Rodriguez

Lucha Rodríguez, Sense and Vision

Presented by Paradigm Gallery

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2015 04 05+13.53.07
Shoestring Press Workshop

Presented by Shoestring Press

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Tanaami!!Akatsuka!! Byobu sample

Keiichi Tanaami, Tanaami!! Akatsuka!!

Presented by Shueisha Manga-Art Heritage (SMAH), Booth B15

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Amplifier art on paper 1
The Power of Art

Presented by Amplifier

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Caryn Martin Tomorrows Storm

Caryn Martin, Tomorrow’s Storm (Redux)

Presented by Catalyst Contemporary, Booth D13

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warp weft

Bang Geul Han, Warp and Weft #05

Presented by Accola Griefen Fine Art, Booth C08

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