Amplifier art on paper 1

The Power of Art

Presented by Amplifier

We believe that in times of uncertainty—in times like these, when fear and disinformation attempt to divide us —art is more than beauty or decoration: it is a weapon and a shield. Art has the power to wake people up and serve as a catalyst for real change. It is a megaphone for important but unheard voices that need amplifying. It is a bridge that can unite movements with shared values in ways other mediums cannot. Art gives us symbols to gather around, builds community, and helps us feel like we are not alone. but for all the tools art can be in this fight, for Amplifier, it is a compass. It points to the future we want to live in, and that we want our children to live in. 

 Amplifier is a nonprofit design lab that builds art and media experiments to amplify the most important movements of our times. We design and distribute art that engages people in the creation of a more just, inclusive and sustainable future. Learn more at